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Fast forward to today, I am an everlearning entrepreneur and new father. I am a leader with compassion. An optimist, dreamer and futurist. I am trusting to a fault with a taste for risk and adventure. And as a half Chinese, half American, Spanglish speaking dude living in Bogotá, Colombia. I am on one and loving it.


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We are a digital experience agency with a global soul.


We are based in Colombia, but come from all over the world. We work with companies both large and small, partners and clients with zero discrimination.

Our Mission

To create new opportunities locally and globally while serving our communities. To show the world the unparalleled creativity that comes out of Colombia.

Our Services

We specialize in pushing the limits of design, guided by modern methodologies. We transform design challenges into client opportunities. With just the right balance of passion and seasoned industry knowledge, we create cutting edge digital designs that convert.


Jose Cuervo, Baileys and thebar.com Facebook Application

User Experience & Business Development

Diageo (multible brands), Brand Networks, 2011-2012

Nationwide Photobooth Event Activation & Mobile Web Experience

User Experience & Business Development

Bobbi Brown (Estée Lauder Companies), Brand Networks, 2011-2012

Facebook Event Activation NYC, Chi & LA // Facebook Social Advertising (LATAM)

Project Manager & Business Development

Facebook (multiple projects), Brand Networks & Rolo Studios, 2011-2013 & 2018-2020

Multi-regional Facebook Application

User Experience

Walmart, Brand Networks, 2012

Private Pass Match Up

User Experience & Business Development

Citi, Brand Networks, 2012-2013

Experiential Marketing Activation

Business Development

Macy's, Brand Networks, 2012-2013

Run Now - a response to the Boston Marathon bomings

Project Manager & Business Development

The Competitor Group, Brand Networks, 2013

Cosomopolitan Facebook Media Campaign / Vogue Forces of Fashion 2020 Website Development

Business Development

Conde Nast (multiple projects), Brand Networks & Rolo Studios, 2013 & 2020

Shopping Cart Redesign

User Experience

MeUndies, Independant, 2015

Website Redesign

User Experience

Hartz, Independant, 2017-2018

BeyBlade Global Tournament Website Design & Development

Project Manager & Business Development

Hasbro, RoloStudios, 2018

Design Partner - Social, Print and Advertising


Rubicon Global, RoloStudios, 2018-2020

Under 30 Event Website Design and Development

Project Manager

Forbes, RoloStudios, 2019

Statue of Liberty Website Redesign


Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Foundation, RoloStudios, 2019-2020

Social Advertising Video/Animation - Ruffles, Cheetos, Mountain Dew - NA and LATAM


PepsiCo (multiple brands), RoloStudios, 2019-2020

HTML5 and Social Video Advertising


Bayer (multiple brands), RoloStudios, 2019-2020

Multiple Event Websites - Makers@, HBCU and Discover

Project Manager & Business Development

Bloomberg Makers@, RoloStudios, 2020

Multiple Event Websites - Development

Project Manager & Business Development

Amazon, RoloStudios, 2020

Multiple Event Websites - Development

Business Development

Unity, RoloStudios, 2020

Traning Video Animation and Production

Business Development

GoldmanSachs, RoloStudios, 2020